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Flying from Australia to India could be very fun. But due to the price hikes (thanks to russia-ukraine war) the petrol price is at an all time high. Making all airlines hike their price up for their profit. You have to come to India for a holiday or for some professional work. This is a guide to save your bucks and get a cheap and best experience. All the facts that I will mention here will definitely save lots of bucks if you are a regular traveler.


In this article we will give you some HACKS to get the cheapest flight rate from Australia to India. There are many factors by which flight fare changes.


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  1. Book your flight early:-

When you book your flight 1-2 months beforehand the airplane service will give you cheaper prices than when you try to book 1 week before. Pre-plan your date and timings and book your flight according to it. This helps you get the cheapest price from Australia to India.

Planes have reserve seats which they sell at the highest price and these seats are open for booking some days before the flight day. So try checking prices early and book flights the earliest. Just put your date and time details on our website and book tickets the earliest.


  1. Explore different routes and airports:-

Some routes are cheaper than the others. Flying from major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will get you a better price. Consider booking lay-overs rather than direct flights. Lay-overs cannot guarantee you reach in time and take longer time than direct flights. But you can sacrifice the time if you want the cheapest flight between Australia and India.

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  1. Stay alert for sales and promotion:-

There are several season and festival sales that provide lots of cheaper discounted deals. These flight tickets are limited to a certain time period and date. So if you want cheapest flight tickets plan your way faster as you see the deals because these flight tickets get fully booked instantly. Ticket Fiesta is emerging as the leading website for booking tickets for your flight at the cheapest flights. Our website also provides an easy return policy on all tickets.


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  1. Be flexible with your date and time:-

Some months are cheaper to fly than the other parts of the year. Flying in peak time during some events or festivals will definitely hike the price. Try choosing different dates and flights for getting the cheapest flight to India from Australia.

Flying to certain regions will be costlier in certain months and time. So choose the date smartly to get the best deal.

  1. Consider booking package deals:-

These package deals can provide you a great price. These package deals include other services like food and hotels when you will reach your destination. The total price pool will be a lot less than what you would have spent when you book these services individually. This is a very good option when you are going on a vacation and you have planned well before.

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These are some of the many ways you can get the cheapest flight price from Australia to India even during the recession time.

The simple conclusion to this is plan your journey early and try different lay-over flights to get the best deal to your hand.

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